Nice to have you here!


This is my home on the web. This is where I rant, ramble and muse about business related and professional things on my mind as well as lifestyle, minimalist and paleo related stuff. And where I often ask dumb questions.

I am a physicist by education, system architect, software developer and electronics specialist by trade, and small business owner in terms of making a living.

I work mostly as a system architect, designing and producing custom industrial controllers, specialized in weighing and filling applications. From 1978 on I have been developing and producing custom hardware, programmable logic and software solutions for OEM customers.

Topics I am interested in are many: Physics, Electronics, Software, Hardware, Design, Photography, Simulation, Minimalism, Paleo and of course, all things Apple. 

Surely, I am a true Apple fan, converted from the PC world in 2005. I love and use iPods since 2004. My videos are produced with FCP, my photos live on Aperture, all my music, audiobooks and podcasts live in iTunes and I watch TV on Apple TV. My business uses Mac Pros for development and as servers, iMacs for administration and MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, iPhones and iPads for mobile stuff.

Follow me on Twitter. I am @gerhardh.
Send email to gerhardh (at) mac (dot) com. 

Have fun!